Three Worlds

Human Rites

Runcible Jones





The Well of Echoes

Two hundred years after the Forbidding was broken, Santhenar is locked in war with the lyrinx - intelligent, winged predators from the void who will do anything to gain their own world. Despite the development of battle clankers and mastery of the crystals that power them, humanity is losing. The enemy is destroying their nodes of power, one by one. Click on the images to see larger versions.

Tiaan is the main character for this series, and the book begins with her working in a Clanker manufactory. Though she is the top Artisan there, her Hedrons keep failing for no apparent reason. Overseer Gi-Had suspects her work is just not up to scratch, Tiaan suspects Irisis, another Artisan with a chip on her shoulder, of tampering with her hedrons, and Irisis suspects her name is a mutated form of an Egyptian Goddesses, so she should be treated as such. Hilarity ensues as Tiaan tries to avoid being sent ot the breeding factory by finding out who's behind it all, Irisis tries to get rid of Tiaan so her way ahead to becoming Crafter is clear, and Cryl-Nish, hereafter known as Squirt, tries to satisfy his needs as a man. Someone poisons Tiaan, producing symptons in her of Crystal Fever (oh, but if it was anything like Ship Fever...) and she's sent to the breeding factory. She escapes, and runs away, only to be captured by the Lyrinx, Ryll. Talk about out of the frying pan, into the fire, Ryll takes her to the domain of the Lyrinx inside a rather hot mountain. Somewhere along the line, Tiaan managed to make contact with the Aachim left on Aachan, falling madly in love with Minis, only to discover Aachan is in a volcanic turmoil. To save her dream lover, she must travel to the abandoned Aachim city of Tirthrax and build a Gate. So, like all good heroines, she escapes from Kalissin (the Lyrinx HQ), goes to Tirthrax, builds a Gate, and pulls the Aachim through. However, they had lied to her, and thousands more than expected came through, not with the intention of helping the humans in the war against the Lyrinx, but to take Santhenar for themselves.


Santhenar is on it's knees. War with the forces from beyond the Void shows no sign of ending, and there is worse to come. The Aachim have invaded with a fleet of formidable battle constructs and the price for their withdrawal is half the globe.
The future of the world now rests in the hands of just threee flawed individuals: Tiaan, whose knowledge holds the ley to a power that can yet destoy all foes; Nish who has sworn to bring the renegade geomancer to justice; and Irisis, whose great talents are hidden even from herself.


The Node has failed, rendering humanity's battle clankers and the Aachim's constructs useless. With the battle lost, horedes of alien Lyrinx are swarming from the tar pits of Snizort, intending to fall upon the survivors and destroy them to the last man.

Tiaan, crippled and unable to walk, is held prisoner by the vengeful Vithis, who is determined to extract her geomantic secrets at any cost.For his failings, Nish has been cast out and branded a traitor, while Irisis, accused of high treason, is forced to flee for her life.

The fate of humanity is dependent on the survival of one wily old man, the Scrutator Xervish Flydd. But Flydd has been blamed for the defeat at Snizort and is condemned to die a brutish death as a slave - hauling ironclad clankers out of the battlefield mire until his heart bursts under the strain.

All resistance has been crushed. In a few minutes of overwhelming violence the Council's air-dreadnought fleet has destroyed Fiz gorgo's defences. Xervish Flydd, Irisis and their allies have been condemned to die in a brutal aerial spectacle designed to reinforce the Chief Scrutator Ghorr's power and majesty.

Nish is their one remaining hope. But Nish is trapped in a burning watchtower, and hunted by both scrutators and his former lover, Ulli, whose twin brother he accidentally killed. Before Nish can hope to rescue his freinds, he must convince Ullii to spare him, then overcome the most powerful cabal of mancers in the world as well as the Council's four hundred crack guards.

And even if he succeeds, to win the war the allies still have to defeat the Scrutators and overthrow Nennifer, the corrupt Council's dread bastion, before the rampaging Lyrinx overwhelm all Santhenar.  


Three Worlds

View from the Mirror

Well of Echoes

Song of the Tears

Fate of the Children




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