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Updates - 2011

10th December
Another year, another update. This year we've have the last two Grim and Grimmer books released in Australia as well as the first Tainted Realms book that came out just last month, although we Brits and the Americans will have to wait until next year for it. The second in that series should be expected late next year, and the third to follow, after which Ian might finally get around to the Fate of the Children (!). The View from the Mirror is now also available aas an audiobook, on CD or as a digital download. It is complete and unabridged so it will last you a good 90 hours.

There's been a fair amount of other news though. Ian has recently taken to social networking. His websites is seeing fairly regular updates, he's running two blogs, he's got a Twitter account and he's posting regularly on his Facebook page.

The blogs are The Business of Writing and The Fictional Ian Irvine, with the former being about the getting published side of writing, and the latter being about his books. Check them out and you might even see a blog post by yours truly! Exciting, I know.

The Facebook Page is going strong, with lots of posts by Ian with new info on his book releases, as well as a fantastic "500 books in 300 days" give-away competition. Definitely make sure to check it out. The Twitter Page mostly seems to be all the updates from the other three.

There's another give-away competition being held at Ian's Goodreads page, with some copies of his latest book, Vengeance, to be won.

Finally, something might have killed the forums again. I will be attempting to ressurect it, but if you come back to find something different looking, you'll know I've had to start over.

Updates - 2010

5th December
Another big update this time, the lack of news being more to do with my busyness than actual lack of news. First, new books!

The fourth Runcible book, the Backwards Hourglass, was released early in the year.

The Grim and Grimmer series is already well underway with the first two books, the Headless Highwayman and the Grasping Goblin, already out. The Third book, the Desperate Dwarf, is finished and will be available in February, shortly followed by the final part of the series, the Calamitous Queen.

The reprinting of the Human Rites trilogy is complete with the release of Terminator Gene last September and the Life Lottery in May.

A new short story was featured in the compilation Legends of Australian Fantasy, Ian's offering called Tribute to Hell, and is apparently set in the same world as...

The Tainted Realm, the now-named new adult fantasy series due out at the beginning of next year, book one of which is called Vengeance.

Covers of all of these books have been added to the appropriate sections, there's too many to repost them here.

Slightly different book news! The View from the Mirror series has been released as a series of audiobooks. They're avilable to buy in Australia from most book shops, or online depending on your country: Australia, UK, and US.

In appearances news Ian showed up at a number of places throughout the year (sorry I couldn't keep you up-to-date with them as they happened) but doesn't have anything planned at the moment.

That's all folks!

Updates - 2009

13th August
Firstly, Happy Birthday site! We've now made it to the grand old age of seven, although it has been almost a year since the last update. Outrageous! Updates may continue to be slightly sporadic as I don't have a regular internet connection at the moment.

Actual news now. There's to be no big releases this year from Ian as the fourth Runcible book is coming in February 2010. The only things of note in the coming months are the revised edition of Terminator Gene, which should be out soon, and the small version of Destiny of the Dead.

Ian has however signed a deal with Orbit to simultaneously publish a new fantasy series essentially unrelated to the Three Worlds in Australia, UK, and the US, starting in September of next year. Here's the breakdown of the new series: ĎA timid slave (Thalalie) who sets out to uncover her motherís killer ends up toppling a corrupt regime and freeing both her people and their oppressors.í

He's also started on another series for the younger readers, along the line of the Fantasticas. The series is called "Grim and Grimmer" and should be coming out next year as well.

On top of that there's another novella of Ian's called Tribute to Hell, being published in an anthology called Dreamtime: Legends of Austrlian Fantasy. That's coming out some time mid-2010.

Then it's on to the fifth and final Runcible Jones book which he should be starting at the end of this year. Only after that series is complete is he going to move on to Fate of the Children.

For all the Aussies out there, 2010 is going to be your year because WorldCon is coming to Melbourne in September. Ian will be putting in an appearance with the hopes to launch the new fantasy series there.

Finally, Ian has also been doing some consulting work and has helped put out the new edition of the National Assessment Guidelinesfor Dredging, so if any of you are interested in that kind of thing you can check it out here.


22nd August
Things should be somewhat approaching back to normal now. All the links to the forum should work (and I've even got it set up at , which is neat) and I don't think there's any other broken links.

There's also the updates I was planning to put up shortly before everything disappeared: the Characters page for the Runcible Jones is now complete through The Buried City, and I've got the Spells page up too. Obviously, the Frozen Compass is now out in Australia.

A quick email from Ian announced that he's about to start work on the next Runcie book, and is thinking up his next fantasy series (although he hasn't signed a deal yet so we won't get many more details, but he would like to launch it at the WorldCon in Melbourne in 2010 so that gives some idea of when it might come out). Destiny of the Dead has been pushed back to November in Australia and January in the UK.

He was also please to say that the Human Rites trilogy is getting reprinted next year, and he's made about 5,000 changes to the Last Albatross so far, so it will definitely be more of a second edition.

Finally, in fandom news, about a month ago Reni finished a complete overhaul of the View from the Mirror site and it's looking very swish indeed. It's set up similar to a wiki in that if you register at the site you should be able to edit the pages, which hopefully will mean a better site for everyone. So head on over and check it out!

13th August TRIUNE LIVES! Well, sort of.
Due to utterly ridiculous problems with the old hosting providers, the site has been offline for a couple of weeks. I've also completely lost the old forums, and had to register a new domain name with my new hosting providers (they seem much better). Bear with me while I try to get everything functional again.

Oh, and it's the site's sixth birthday today.

UPDATE The new forums are now up, over here.

4th March
Quite a lot of little bits of information to update with this time. I tend to get lazy every now and then and only post it to the forums until quite a lot of it has stacked up. Oh well.

We have a trailer for the Human Rites trilogy, to match the Runcible and Song of the Tears ones. It can be seen here: It's actually the best of the lot in my opinion, with a more realistic setting making stock images easier to use.

The first two Fantastica books should be available in Australia already, with the second two to follow in May. Covers for all four can be seen on the Fantastica page here.

I've also added the covers for the German copies of the View from the Mirror series to the Book Covers page - the first six anyway. They are splitting each book into two, so we should finish up with eight. Definitely the most interesting foreign covers to date.

On top of that I'm finally updating the Runcible Jones section of the site. The Characters page is now done for the first book, with the second to follow as soon as I've read it, and the Spells page will be up shortly too.

Finally, I'd just like to say that the Inverse Book Signing has been completed (at friggin' last) and was a huge success.


13th August
I recieved a couple of tidbits of information from Ian recently, and this is the first chance I've had to update. So here I was, sitting down at my laptop, and I thought to myself "gee Robyn, isn't mid-August the anniversary of when the original site first went online?", and after a quick check I found that yes, it is. This very day in fact. I usually manage to miss it somehow, but not this time. So then I thought, "how old is the site now?", since I can never remember how long I've been doing this. Again, I go and look it up, and FIVE YEARS?!?! Holy crap. Surely it can't have been that long? Five years, numerous url changes, a couple of revamps, and three different forums.

Okay, moving on to the actual news topics that you wanted to hear about. Ian and his son Simon have put together a trailer for the second Runcible Jones book, the Buried City. He's put it up at YouTube, so you can either watch it below, or if you want a better quality version you can download it from

The Curse on the Chosen has been pushed back to late November in both Australia and the UK.

And last, the quartet of Fantastica books that Ian has written will be coming to Australia in March (for the first two) and May (for the second two) next year. They are being illustrated by D.M. Cornish, and Ian thinks they look great.

7th June
So Runcible Jones 2 should now be available in Australia, someone let me know how it is. There's also a new Fate of the Fallen cover, and the UK cover for Curse on the Chosen to have a look at. But first!

The long awaited announcement of the competition winners! Apologies for the delay in this update, I've had exams and things to worry about. The winners were all contacted a couple of months back which means, sadly, if you were not contacted you did not win. But thanks for entering! Now, the winners.

In third place was this drawing of Liett and Gyrull, done by SongDragon.

In second place, and a very strong contender for the top spot, was this coloured map of Meldorin by The Secret Art's Taillen. Hopefully he's working on a coloured version of the full map of Santhenar, too.

In the end, though, the first prize went to something a little bit different. For a while now, Medea has been working on a View from the Mirror mod for the game Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri. It may not be an actual Three Worlds game, but chances are it's the closest we'll get for a while. Go here for instructions on downloading it.

23rd March
Do I have one hell of an update for you today. First of all, as you've probably noticed, the site has had a much needed overhaul. Hopefully it looks nicer and is easier to navigate now.

Secondly, INTERVIEW! Ian has kindly answered some questions, and you can see the interview here or here.

Thirdly, and most importantly, COMPETITION!

Ian has kindly donated three sets - whole sets! - of signed books to be given away; the View from the Mirror series, the Well of Echoes series, and the Human Rites series. So, what do you have to do to one one of these fabulous prizes? Simple! Anything.

Well, anything Ian Irvine related. The fandom is really too small to pick a specific writing/art type competition, some people would be favoured far more than others, so I decided just to throw it open. Do whatever you want - draw some fan art, write a fan fic, write an Irvine-related haiku, send me a 2,000 word essay on why you are Ian's biggest fan. Take a picture of yourself promoting Ian's work. Do something on YouTube. Bribery? Welcome! Even if you can't think up anything clever, e-mail me anyway, the fandom is small enough that you still might stand a chance.

So, officially, the rules are:
1. It must be related to Ian in some way, even if it's just why you are his biggest fan.
2. It must be submitted either via e-mail to or posted on the forums, on or before the 19th of April. Clearly indicate that it is for the competition.
3. This should go without saying, but it must be your own work. Plagiarism is not nice.
4. Only one entry per person

I'll be judging the entries, and winners will be contacted within a few days of the 19th. First place will get to choose which series they want, and then second place, and third place will get whatever is left.

Finally, Ian also sent over not-quite-final covers for the next Song of the Tears and Runcible Jones books, Curse on the Chosen and The Buried City respectively.

5th January
Happy New Year everyone! As you can see, I've updated the main menu, spreading things out a little more, but that's just pure aesthetics.

In terms of what's been added to the site, I discovered a (quite spoilery) blurb for Curse on the Chosen on Amazon, so that's been added to the Song of the Tears page, although I'm not sure how much of it can be trusted. I've also had an update from Ian with some publication dates (Runcible Jones 2, coming to Australia this June, and Song of the Tears 2, AU and UK roughly September) and also with information on a new set of books he's writing for the Fantastica series.

Fantastica seems to be a large series of books written by various authors, who all contribute four short linked stories, of about 10,000 words each and aimed at 8 to 11 year olds. The first quartet of books by Kim Wilkins should already be available, a second quartet by Fiona McIntosh is coming soon, and Ian's series will be starting in July. The series as a whole is called the Sorcerer's Tower, with indiviual titles "Thorn Castle", "Gaint's Lair", "Black Crypt", and "Wizardry Crag". The books will be illustrated in black and white.

To see the whole email go to the Latest News page. And to those of you looking forward to Curse on the Chosen, this last snippet: "You will meet the Numinator in this book, and perhaps some missing old friends too."

And I can't believe I almost sites! The Secret Art and The Well of Echoes both sprung up in the last few months, which then prompted me to set up an Ian Irvine webring (see below).

More than one website? Check. Discussion board? Check. Livejournal community? Check. Myspace group? Check.

I think we're a fandom.


6th September
As most of you probably know by now, Torments of Traitor has been released in Australia! The UK counterpart, Fate of the Fallen, is being released in the next few days. Their respective covers are shown below.

21st June
More of an organisational update this time, with the drop-down menu now including the characters/histories pages. I've also added a number of place-holder pages that haven't been completed (or started) yet, but I intend to get them done over the summer. Some of these are character pages for the other series, or the spell page for Runcible Jones. As always, I'll update when these pages are actually completed.

One of the main changes is the "Latest News" page in the author section, which contains the latest news from the author himself - notes on forthcoming appearances, links to other interviews on the web, and excerpts from e-mails he sends me will be put up here.

16th April
We now have all of the images Simon has done for Runcible Jones up at the site - and a little bonus, too. Turns out he didn't just to images he also did a couple of animations - the page where the images and animations are shown is here. They'll be appearing on the official site at some point but it can't be guaranteed when, so Triune gets the first showing. My personal favourite is the Tower Flyover.

Updates on the Song of the Tears, it is now being released in September in both Australia and the UK. In the UK, however, the first book will not be released as the Torments of the Traitor; rather, it will be called "The Fate of the Fallen". Hopefully we'll be getting some cover images soon.

12th March
Main update this time is the addition of a gallery of the Three Worlds book covers. I'd always intended to have something like this, but it didn't make sense until there were more than two different covers for the books. A special addition to this, exclusive to Triune, is the original artwork for the UK Well of Echoes books. A big thank you to the artist, Lee Gibbons, for those!

I have also added a timeline for the books to the histories page. Thanks to those on the forum for that.

Finally found the time to put Ian's forthcoming appearances up here, rather than redirecting to Reni's site. The thread on the forums about the Magical Casements event is here.

15th February
Now is when I get to say 'I told you so' as a recent update to Ian's site reveals that the titles of the Song of the Tears books have in fact changed. The new titles are: The Torments of the Traitor, The Curse on the Chosen, and The Destiny of the Dead. Torments of the Traitor will be probably not be changed again (with the release date so close) but the others may still be.

The update also included the long-awaited images by Simon. There are four in total, depicting various scenes from the first Runcible Jones book, and you can find them here.

If these images are to your liking, you might be interested in winning one of ten sets of posters - signed - sent to you by Ian himself. Tickle your fancy? Info on how to win is up at Ian's Site.

Finally, View from the Mirror has information on a number of forthcoming appearances by Ian - check out their Appearances page for the specifics. If you're thinking about going along to the Magical Casements event, a bunch of people from the forums are looking to meet up and have some fun. See this thread for details.

9th January
In all of 2005, I updated thrice. I've already beaten that for 2006. Here's some new information on the Song of the Tears, courtesy of who are claiming it's going to be published in September (I'd trust Ian and stick with October however). It seems to be the blurb from the book, but they're just calling it "Song of the Tears v.1" which makes me think the title might be changing. That's just my opinion though. Anyway, here it is:

After ten years of servitude, Nish is about to be released from the blackest prison of the maimed God-Emperor, Jal-Nish Hlar, his corrupt father. Jal-Nish holds the two sorcerous quicksilver tears, Gatherer and Reaper, and with them controls all of the Secret Art. All opposition having been crushed, he has begun to remake the world in his depraved image. The only hope of overthrowing him lies in Nish, whom the oppressed peoples of the world see as a messianic figure, the Deliverer for, as Nish was dragged off to prison a decade ago, he wildly promised to return and cast down his father. Unfortunately Nish is powerless and without allies. But worse, his father wants Nish to become his lieutenant and become as corrupt as he is. Jal-Nish offers Nish everything he has ever desired and, faced with the unbearable alternative of another ten years in prison, he isn't sure he can resist the temptation.

7th January - Update the Second
Two updates in one day. It must be a first. If you missed the first one, check the previous updates page.

Penguin have launched an official Runcible Jones website. There you'll find some info for the book, a short biography of Ian, part of a teaser book (which is being sent out with a magazine called K-Zone), info on the characters, a short Q&A with Ian, three of the four images Ian's son was working on (although those are slightly unfinished, and have been tweaked by someone else) and a competition to win one of twelve signed copies of Runcible Jones and a subscription to K-Zone.

Ian says that Penguin are quite excited about the Runcie books and are promoting it far more than any previous books. The teaser books mentioned on the site number 140,000 and include the first two chapters of the Gate to Nowhere.

To those of us not in Australia, Ian expects to wait a month or two after GtN is released to hear news of it's release in other countries. I assume this is because they want to see how well it does.

General news on the Song of the Tears is that the release date is looking to be October of this year in Australia, and possibly the same time in the UK. He should be finished the first draft by the end of the month, and then he's starting on Runcie 2.

If you were lucky enough to be in Coffs Harbor today (or maybe that's the 8th in Australia, time zones are confusing) Ian was doing a Runcible Jones book signing. Sorry I couldn't alert you to it sooner, only just found out.

Finally, it looks like the View from the Mirror is getting released in Germany.

7th January - Update the First
It would seem that Runcible Jones has been released in Australia! Technically, it doesn't go out until the 9th, but there have been reports of people receiving their copies already. If you haven't already seen it, here's the cover (click for a much larger version):

I've just e-mailed Ian inquiring about when we'll get to see the images his son Simon was working on, as well as asking for the usual updates on what he's currently writing and when things will be published in other countries. There should be another update in a couple of days, so stay tuned.


September 3rd
Well, well, well. WorldCon was a blast. I got to meet Ian (and sat and chatted to him for an hour), he signed all of my books (Yay!) and then I got to hear him reading Chapter 2 of "The Death of Magic". Which was, as you can imagine, awesome. So here is the information that I managed to gather there (with some help from a couple of e-mails, as my memory is terrible).

The new main character is a girl called Maelys. Her family was relatively influential, until her father was caught working for the resistance, which has grown to a considerable size, largely due to Irisis and Nish being martyrs. God-Emperor Jal-Nish caught Maelys' father and imprisoned him in the same place Nish is imprisoned. Maelys little sister, Phyllis (spelling not quite known), has a talent for hiding from Jal-Nish's wisp-watchers and loop-listeners, devices that are keyed into the nodes and are used as spying devices. Maelys' mother and aunts wish for her and her little sister to rescue Nish from his prison, and for Maelys to seduce him, thus binding him to their family.

All of this is taking place ten years after the end of Chiamera. I have a feeling that Chapter 1 deals with the God-Emperor once more asking his son to stand at his side, all his friends being dead, and together they will rule the world. He does this in person, so Nish - having none of it - attempts to escape. He fails horribly. This isn't guaranteed, but just something that was hinted at in Chapter 2.

Finally, the identity of the Numinator will definitely be revealed during the course of this series. Ian said that it wasn't looking likely to be in book one (although this is his first draft), so look for it in book two!

Now that that is the WorldCon report out of the way, there is a few minor updates with the site. Firstly, the Fanwork section now links directly to the forums, to make it easier for people to post stuff. If you have anything to post but don't want to register for the forums, you can just e-mail it to me and I will put it up for you.

It looks like Ian Irvine fandom is on the increase, as there is also a Livejournal Community for him! So, if you have an LJ, head on over to The Hundred. If you don't have an LJ, get one!

Finally, The View from the Mirror has posted an interview with Ian. For some interesting information about Ian's habits, or the bloodlines in his books, head on over!

P.S. The site turned 3 years old on August 7th, the day after I met Ian. Freaky, neh?

July 23rd
I suppose the upside to going almost exactly five months between updates is that when I finally get around to doing it, I have a lot to say. Firstly, in Three Worlds news, the next series "Song of the Tears" is now a trilogy. The names of the books have changed to The Death of Magic, The Darkest Age and The Secret Art, although these are working titles and subject to change (particularly the first one). Ian has recently started working on this series, and it is currently set to be released in Australia in September of next year. Orbit books have bought the UK rights, but no release date as of yet.

Second, to Ian's childrens/young adults series, which was formerly known as The Children's War. The series is now called Runcible Jones and the book titles taking on Runcible Jones: The Gate to Nowhere - Runcible Jones: The Buried City - Runcible Jones: Black Night, Red Dawning - Runcible Jones: The Backwards Hourglass and Runcible Jones: The Electric Labyrinth. The first book is due for release in January 2006 in Australia, no news in the rest of the world.

Ian's son Simon, who did the original version of the cover for Dark is the Moon which can be seen on Ian's site, now has a degree in digital animation. He has been working on some high resolution captioned scenes from the Runcible books, as well as a few animations. He hopes to put these all together to make a trailer for the Runcible Jones books, something I'm sure would be great to see.

Finally, Ian will be attending Interaction's WorldCon convention from the 4th-8th of August, in Glasgow. Scotland. Where I live. I will certainly be attending this event, and hope to see Ian there.

Oh, and two minor notes: firstly, the guestbook has been removed due to excessive spam. To let me know how wonderful the site is, email me, or drop by the forums. Secondly, there is a new Ian Irvine website on the web! It's called The View from the Mirror and is run by Reni. It's currently in its construction phase, so keep checking back for updates.

February 22nd
Since I didn't update about it at the time (although it was quite a while ago) I feel the need to say is now: Chimaera is out in the UK! And it is fantastic. Also, the Life Lottery has been released in Australia, meaning that there are no books of Ian's currently pending for release anywhere in the world. The UK is still waiting for the second two Human Rites books, and America hasn't got those or any of the WoE books yet, but there are currently no release dates for these. I have also gone through the site with a fine comb, fixing broken links and updating book descriptions. We also now have the cover of The Life Lottery, making a complete set.

The main update though, we have new forums! These forums are phpBB, and as such they can be hosted on the site. Which means cool things like different skins, avatar galleries etc etc. If you want to visit them, just click the link at the top of the page!


November 6th
Not so long between updates this time. Only thing to note is that Chimaera was released in Australia a few weeks ago. Oh, and the shiny new countdown timer above, currently counting down to the UK release of Chimaera but it should be updated to countdown to whatever book is being released next.

September 14th
Wow. Quite a time since my last update. Although, granted, there hasn't been much to update with.

Until now. May I present to you, the loyal visitors to Triune website, both Australian and UK covers to Chimaera!

There is a large version of the UK one (just click on it) but not of the Aus one.

Also, Ian's site was updated recently with a new article 'The Truth About Publishing'. In an e-mail he informed me that he has finished the first draft of the first of his quartet of fantasy for younger readers, The Gate to Nowhere, and that he should be started on the first of the Song of the Tears trilogy (next Three Worlds series, now officially a trilogy instead of a duet) by the end of the year.

April 24
Okay, various updates this time. Firslty, site updates. I've sorted out a couple of broken links, but the main update is the addition of the Five Word Fic to the fanwork section. This is something that's been going for a while on the boards, and I just thought it was time to put some of it on the site. So there it is. Hopefully I'll be adding a few other bits from the forums to the fanwork section soon.

Secondly some Ian news. SFX have reviewed Alchymist and given it three stars. Considering Geomancer got five I'm a bit surprised, but never mind.

Also, some news from Ian I recieved in an e-mail. He's currently editing The Life Lottery, the third book in the Human Rites trilogy, set for release (in Aus) in August.

As to the release of the Well of Echoes in America, he says that he hasn't heard anything yet but has been getting some queries so hopefully it will be soon.

In random news, he should be updating his site soon so keep a look out, VftM is being published in Bulgarian and WoE in Greek, and Terminator Gene is shortlisted for the Aurealis Award for best SF novel of 2003 while Scrutator only gets an Honourable Mention in the fantasy shortlist.

That's pretty much it for now.

March 8th
Alchymist (also known as Scrutator, to those backwater Aussies ^_^ ) has finally been released in the UK. Chimaera, currently still titled Chimaera, should be arriving at the end of the year for both Australia and UK (although they'll still get it first). Mini-Tetrarch has also been released here, it's about the same size as mini-Geomancer and the VftM series. I warn you, however, that the text is tiny.

January 16th
When I first planned the layout of this site, I imagined three drop-down menus, each with three sections in it. I discarded this idea as I found it very difficult to get the drop-down code to work. Finally I have mastered this, so welcome to Triune, version 1.2!


December 21st
Finally, the cover for Alchymist! Woohoo!

And Merry Christmas!

November 22nd
The character list has been completed for the View form the Mirror. I've also re-written large parts of Santhenar's histories, so you might want to check those out again.

Also, here's a rough idea of the Ian Irvine releases coming soon (and not so soon):

TitleRelease DateCountry
Tetrarch (paperback)30th JanuaryUK
Alchymist (hardcover)27th FebruaryUK
Tetrarch (paperback)30th MarchCanada
Alchymist (paperback)1st OctoberUK/Canada
Chimaera (hardcover)27th OctoberUK
Chimaera (hardcover)29th OctoberCanada

November 14th
The character list has been updated for Tower on the Rift and Dark is the Moon, so the character list is half done. At my current rate, I'll be finished reading the Way Between the Worlds very soon, so expect to see the characters for that up too.

October 24th
Bit delayed but I've been busy. Just to let you know, Scrutator is now available in the good old land of Oz!

September 15th
Finally completed the character list for A Shadow on the Glass. I doubt I've missed more than a few named characters. I'll update the Histories and the view from the Mirror sections soon.

September 12th
The promised Career section is now up! It's a big long list of all the books Ian has published in various countries. This is also where dates for future publications will be.

September 8th
I decided that the site needed a no-frames equivalent, so I duplicated all the pages and made them look pretty. Then I decided I didn't like the frames version all that much anyway, so the entire site is now the no-frames version. I've been having lots of fun with tables.

In other news, the characters page has been updated and now has most of those from 'A Shadow on the Glass', but I'm still few chapters from the end.

It looks like I'm going to be very busy over the next month or so but I'll try and keep updating.

August 17th
Due to a technical problem (which I still cannot explain, but it has somehow fixed itself) I have been unable to access this site for the past few days. As well as delaying an important update, this also meant I missed the (original) site's first birthday, which was on the 13th of August. So, belated happy birthday!

Important update: Ian has answered some questions exclusivley for this site, they can be seen in the Biography section.

I am currently re-reading the View from the Mirror series, so various pages may be updated with little tweaks. If I change anything major, I'll let you know.

August 8th
News: Tetrarch is now out in the UK. Yay!

Updates: I know that in America Geomancer has not yet been published. Because I'm such a nice person, I decided to find sites on the internet you could order it from. Probably the best one is, as Tetrarch will also be available come 1st September. I just looked at the Canadian cover for Geomancer, and I love it...

Coming Soon: Ian answers some questions about himself, exclusive to this site!

July 23rd
I've added a wallpaper to the fan work section. Feel free to use it on your own computer, but don't put it on any other site without my permission. And don't edit it and claim it as your own either (not sure why you'd want to, but nevermind). I'm planning on doing others but they will all be manipulations of the covers, since I can't actually draw. Please, god, tell me someone out there can?

July 16th
News just discovered: the official release date for Tetrarch in the UK is 7th of August. I've also discovered that Orbit Books ( named Ian the author of the month and will be selling signed copies of Geomancer! Theres also an interview with Ian discussing Geomancer and various other things at the site. Enjoy!

July 12th
New site opens for business! Woohoo! This should be much easier to load up as there is only about 6 images on the front page, compared to the twenty-three on the last one.