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Most of the work on this was done by Taillen, with Nita, Tillius, and Mark also contributing.

===The History of Santhenar===

?? : The Lyrinx enter the void.

?? : The Mariem are cast from Tallallamme.

-12,000: The first civilisation on Santh, at Warde Yallock.

-7,160: Encial Edict forbidding Macing & Tribal Magic

-7,121: Village of Ric Rints meets a terrible fate.

-7,000: The Art is first used on Santh (though the above 2 entries indicate earlier usage and prohibition).

-5,000: Booreah Ngurle begins burning a coal seam.

-4,201: The Charon take Aachan.

?? : Rulke summons Shuthdar, the flute is created. Shuthdar escapes back to Santh.

-4,000: Following Shuthdar and the flute, Rulke and Kandor come to Santhenar with some Aachim as slaves.

??: Tensor and other Aachim comes to Santh. He brought with him the Mirror of Aachan, his graduation gift from Aoife, master shaper.

??: The Faellem and Faelamor come to Santh; Yalkara is sent to watch her.

-3,500: Shuthdar has been hunted across Santh. He is finally cornered at Huling's Tower, destroys himself, and the Forbidding is made.

-3,000: The Great Library is founded by the Zain.

-2,000: The Rainbow Bridge is destroyed.

-2,000: The Zain renounce loyalty to Rulke; Zur falls; The Zain exile themselves to Jepperand.

-1,830: The city of Skane falls during the full dark moon on hythe.

-1,500 : The Clysm. During this time, Shand and Yalkara meet (?)

?? : Tar Gaarn is betrayed.

?? : Yalkara builds Havissard.

?? : The Sea of Perion dries up; Kandor's empire fails.

-1,300: Calliat, the mystic who conceived the 49 Chrighms, dies.

-1,260: Mendark's birth.

?? : Mendark becomes Magister, after Rula.

-1,040: Yggur's birth.

-1,000: Rulke is banished to the Nightland by the Council and the Aachim.

-1,000: Morgadis, Mira's estate, is built. In the next 100 years, they are the first to train skeets, and have been doing so since.

?? : Kandor is killed.

?? : Carcharon is built by Basunez.

-309: Yalkara leaves Santhenar.

?? : Yggur becomes aware again.

-~200: The Faellem exile Faelamor

?? : Aeolior, Maigraith??

-200: Yggur takes Fiz Gorgo as his fortress.

-185: Malien's birth

-100: Maigraith's birth.

-60: Yggur finds the Whelm.

-30: Llian's birth.

-20: Yggur buys the Mirror from a fortune teller.

-7: Lilis' father, Jevi, is pressganged in Thurkad.

0: The Mirror is stolen from Yggur.

+2: The failing of the Forbidding. Creatures of the void come to Santh.

+50: War with the Lyrinx starts.

+100: The Numinator overcomes the old council. The Council of Scrutators is formed. The Numinator vanishes.

+100: Runcible Nunar writes her book on the Secret Art.

+120: Clanker technology comes about (unsure - help?)

+130: Joeyn's birth.

+136: Llian's tale, the 23rd Great Tale, is banned.

+142: Xervish Flydd's birth.

+176: Joeyn's Wife dies. Breeding Factories spring up.

+186: Tiaan's birth.

+188: Ullii's birth. She lost her twin, Myllii, when she was 4.

+204: Thurkad falls. The Battle of Plimes.

+206: Tiaan's time and the war with the Lyrinx. Note: it has been 390* years on Aachan since WbtW.



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