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The magic in the Runcible Jones series is as varied as that from any of Ian's other series - if not more so. I've tried to seperate it out into different types, and give a run down of each one.

Iltioran Magic
Words of Power: This is the magic that first took Runcie and Mariam from Earth to Iltior. Strange words written on a parchment, repeated three times, opened the gate between the two worlds. While this type of magic can be the entire spell, it is also sometimes just a way to focus power before using Command Magic. (Example: "Tharr immi muliarope jar, visstess moer planxi", the spell written on the parchment that takes Runcie to Iltio, GtNpg25.)

Command Magic: The most common magic that appears is the Command Magic - the alliterative words used as direct commands. As noted, these can be used with Words of Power to boost their effects. It has not been made clear whether they are set spells, or whether any alliteration will work as a Command. (Example: "Putty Patellas, Puny Pipsqueak!" is used by Heunch to turn Runcie's legs to jelly, GtNpg130.)

Transportals: Transportals are giant constructs made in Iltior around the time of the war with the Wyrms. They each have a personality, usually one that matches their outward appearance, but this can lead to them being somewhat overbearing. It can take some cajoling from their masters to get them to behave themselves, although it seems some Transportals are better than others in this respect. The personality and power of a Transportal is stored in its core - Ulalliall's was held beneath the floor, and looked like an orange bell jar on a slab of obsidian. Inside the jar was a complicated array of cogs, crystals and spirals.
In the Buried City, Ulalliall also mentions the Code of Transportals, which Deodand broke when he fled rather than die to save his masters. If there is more to this code, it is not mentioned.

Mindsakes: A mindsake is a particular type of animal that acts as a comrade or friend to Iltiorans. Every person has one, and it is usually summoned for them for the first time the first winter after the turn five, although partuclarly powerful children can summon it themselves before then. While it takes an incredibly powerful wizard to be able to talk to their mindsake, some communication is always possible, allowing the person to make requests of the creatures. However, it is not a compulsion.

Earth Magic

Command Magic: The Earth wizards displayed a similar form of Command Magic, although it was not quite the same. Whilst the Iltorian kind seems to work with any alliteration, all examples of the Earth kind so far are simpler, with only one or two words. It could just be that there are far fewer examples of Earth magic. (Example "Fire, Freeze", TBCpg131.)

Talents: This is the magic that the different tainted children use.  


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