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The Song of the Tears

The Song of the Tears continues on from the Well of Echoes quartet, and features most of the same characters. In true Ian fashion, what was once a duet is now a trilogy, and the names have changed several times. Currently, the titles are: Torments of the Traitor, The Curse of the Chosen, and The Destiny of the Dead.

The new main character is a girl called Maelys. Her family was relatively influential, until her father was caught working for the resistance, which has grown to a considerable size, largely due to Irisis and Nish being martyrs. God-Emperor Jal-Nish caught Maelys' father and imprisoned him in the same place Nish is imprisoned. Maelys little sister, Phyllis (spelling not quite known), has a talent for hiding from Jal-Nish's wisp-watchers and loop-listeners, devices that are keyed into the nodes and are used as spying devices. Maelys' mother and aunts wish for her and her little sister to rescue Nish from his prison, and for Maelys to seduce him, thus binding him to their family.

All of this is taking place ten years after the end of Chimaera.

Finally, the identity of the Numinator will definitely be revealed in book two!

(Working titles: The Disequalisation ~ The Death of Magic)
After ten years of servitude, Nish is about to be released from the blackest prison of the maimed God-Emperor, Jal-Nish Hlar, his corrupt father. Jal-Nish holds the two sorcerous quicksilver tears, Gatherer and Reaper, and with them controls all of the Secret Art. All opposition having been crushed, he has begun to remake the world in his depraved image. The only hope of overthrowing him lies in Nish, whom the oppressed peoples of the world see as a messianic figure, the Deliverer for, as Nish was dragged off to prison a decade ago, he wildly promised to return and cast down his father. Unfortunately Nish is powerless and without allies. But worse, his father wants Nish to become his lieutenant and become as corrupt as he is. Jal-Nish offers Nish everything he has ever desired and, faced with the unbearable alternative of another ten years in prison, he isn't sure he can resist the temptation.

(Working titles: Requiem for a Martyr ~ The Darkest Age)

Beset on all sides by the God Emperor Jal- Nish's forces, a small group struggles to free his grip on a world in chaos ...Jal-Nish's son Nish and his small band of friends manage to elude a well-laid trap and flee from known to unknown dangers, always searching for their enemy's weakness. And one foe that the Emperor has never bested is the ancient horror known as the Numinator, legendary mancer and bringer of nightmares. Too weak as yet to face her, Nish and the group journey to a remote, rain-soaked plateau so Nish may fulfil a promise to a friend, and retain his fractured sense of honour. Yet on reaching their destination, the artefacts they sought have been looted by an unknown power. Terrified and lacking in resources, the band realises the signs point towards the Numinator, and that they must seek her out without any further delays. They have nothing to lose but their hope, a frail weapon in a war upon a god.

(Working title: The Secret Art)

Nish and his few remaining allies are trapped on the Range of Ruin, surrounded by the relentless army of his father, the God-Emperor. Nish's only choices are a humiliating surrender, or a suicidal fight to the death. Yet Nish has to fight, and somehow he has to win, for the world of Santhenar faces a colossal threat - and Nish is a fighter in a land whose spirit was broken long ago. A shape-shifting being by the name of Stilkeen has broken out of the void, and is preparing to wreak devastation. It has come to reclaim the stolen chthonic power that once bound its physical and spirit aspects together - and its fury is infinite. But chthonic fire has already been released into Santhenar, and is eating its way through the Antarctic territories. Even if Nish can win the battle with his father, there may be no way to stop the fire, or Stilkeen, before everything is consumed.


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