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Characters - Runcible Jones

Hopefully a complete list of characters that have appeared in the Runcible Jones series. Currently accurate as far as The Gate to Nowhere.


GTN - The Gate to Nowhere
TBC - The Buried City
TFC - The Frozen Compass
TBH - The Backwards Hourglass
TEL - The Electric Labyrinth
RJ - All books so far.

Ansible JonesRuncie's father, he died in a magical fire five years before the series started.Mentioned only.
AnchariumThe who came up with the plan that defeated the ghoolwyrms.Mentioned only.
BalthazarOne of the Earth magicians.TBC
Betham Offalgrinderpg40TBC
ChancellorA parliament official who hates everything to do with magic.TBC
Cordelia BuggA teacher at Grindgrim.TBC
Daphne FulkJasper Fulk's mother.TBC
DeodandAn old transportal, he allowed his masters to die in his stead and had his ability to go between removed as punishment.TBC
Dulcie CatoThe leader of the girly gang at Grindgrim.TGN
FlemmOne of the ghasts of Haunt Isle.TBC
GaspardOne of the Miluviand ghasts, nothing more than a floating head.TGN
Gertrude Spenderpg14TBC
Giddion TawOne of the other pupils at Grindgrim, Giddion has a talent for machines.TBC
GobbOne of the ghasts of Haunt Isle.TBC
Hermes AshmoleOne of the Earth magicians.TBC
Hfar Slessar HeunchThandimanilon's hulking manservant, with a twisted neck.RJ
Horatio FulkJasper Fulk's father.TBC
HorrkOne of the ghasts of Haunt Isle.TBC
Jac SleethA brilliant prentice of Thandimnailon's, his only goal in life is to defeat Lord Shambles.RJ
Jasinthe NoellerThe ancient hero who stole the power of magic from the ghastwyrm's lair.Mentioned only.
Jasper FulkThe ringleader of the bully group at Grindgrim.RJ
Jay KayA student at Grindgrim, his nickname is Stick Insect.TBC
Jud ThorpA member of the bully group at Grindgrim, nicknamed "The Blob".RJ
Lars SparjThandimanilon's consort, a First Order wizard in his own right.RJ
Ling HoA young girl at Grindgrim with a magical talent, she is good friends with Giddion.TBC
Lugitroyd Melvinion HelfigorA Second Order wizard (just), he is Parsifoe's companion.RJ
Lunula FluddOne of the Earth magicians.TBC
Mariamhe OrpimentA girl sent to Grindgrim for doing magic, she accompanies Runcible on his adventure in Iltior.RJ
Mavis SpenderA girl at Grindgrim, her identical twin is Gertrude.TBC
Millie JonesRuncie's mother, she was sent to prison for having a copy of Ansible's book on magic.TGN
Munz SparjLars' brother, he was killed by Shambles and turned into a ghast.TBC
Mundelf BeastmasterAn infamous man on Iltior, he claims that all beasts are his mindsakes.TBC
NibberOne of the Mulviand ghasts. Looks like a rotund man with a big hat and a bullet hole in his forehead.TGN
NiddimaunThandimanilon's transportal. It was destroyed when Sleeth stole it and crashed it into the ground.TGN
Nightingale, Mr & MrsRuncie's foster parents. They don't seem to have first names.RJ
ParsifoeA Second Order witch, Parsifoe resuced Runcie and Mariam when they first arrived in Iltior. She has a magic school in the tower of Thorasdil.RJ
Patsy PatsyA girl from Grindgrim.TBC
Ross PethickA member of the bully group at Grindgrim.RJ
Runcible JonesA young boy who is obsessed with magic, ever since his father died. He is launched into an adventure in the land of Iltior when he finds a magical parchment.RJ
SehambelThe name Eath magicians call Lord Shambles.TBC
Lord ShamblesThe most powerful wizard in Iltior, he is a cruel and twisted man. Was once known as Skirrlydoun.RJ
'Shylock' HolmesA member of the bully group at GrindgrimRJ
Skinhead LuntA boy from Grindgrim.TBC
Dr. Solomon GravelaxThe headmaster at Grindgrim.TBC
Stinky MortonA member of the bully group at GrindgrimRJ
ThandimanilonA wicked woman and a First Order witch, she runs the magic school at the tower of Miluviand.RJ
Thormic WeasandLeader of a band of cutthroat bounty hunters.RJ
TigrisA young prentice of Thandimanilon's, she was a friend of Sleeth's. She owes a debt to Thandimanilon.RJ
TrounceThe sole survivor of the ancient massacre at Haunt Isle, he was a boy seer who made the foretelling.Mentioned only.
UllallialParsifoe's transportal, one of the oldest remaining.RJ
UnggahOne of the Miluviand ghasts, he is a bow-legged rider with an arrow through his heart.TGN
Ursie MuddlestoneA witch from the Isles, she witnessed Ansible's death.Mentioned only.
VillivoinThandimanilon's new transportal, shaped like a frog.TBC
WyrmhilteDaughter of the old ghastwyrm queen, Wyrmhilte seeks to return the wyrms to power.RJ


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