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Runcible Jones

The Runcible Jones books are Ian's first attempt at writing for a younger audience. Say's Ian of the series, "It's set on twinned worlds, an Earth rather like our own and Iltior, a world where science has been suppressed and magic holds sway. For thousands of years the two worlds have been in balance, each subtly influencing the other, but recently Earth's rapid advancement has upset that balance, and Iltior is threatened. For its own survival, it has to do something about Earth ..."

Although originally envisaged as a quintet the series was later reduced to four books. The last book was to be titled The Electric Labyrinth.

A number of images and animations have been created for these books by Ian's son. To see them, go here.

Runcible Jones: The Gate To Nowhere

This is the story of twelve-year-old Runcible Jones. His father died during an explosion while writing a book about magic and his mother is in prison for possessing a book about magic. At school, Runcible befriends Mariam. One day Runcible accidentally transports himself and Mariam to a magical land called Iltior.
Pasrsifoe, an old witch, rescues them but they soon fall into the clutches of the beautiful and cunning Thandimanilon. She runs a school for teaching magic to children. Unfortunately she also wants to use them as soldiers for an unspecified purpose. When Runcie fails to show any signs of magic power, Thandimanilon ejects him into an inhospitable forest. Here he meets a trouble young magician called Sleeth. With Sleeth’s assistance Runcie rescues Mariam. But can Sleeth be trusted?
Together with a young girl called Tigris, Runcie and Mariam escape only to be pursued by a gallery of wizards and warlocks. Along the way, Sleeth hints that someone in Iltior might have killed Runcie’s father.
Who killed Runcie’s father and why? And is there a reason for Runcie and Mariam to be in Iltior?
- Taken from the Penguin Books website.

Runcible Jones: The Buried City

Runcible and Mariam are back!
And they are in big trouble. Lord Shambles has returned, stronger than ever before. Once he finds the lost Citadel of Magic there will be no defence against his evil sorcery.
To stop Shambles, the children must journey to wondrous Iltior and descend to the uttermost pole. But even if they find the Codex of Dreadful Spells, Runcible still has to unravel the mystery of the tainted children, then face his most terrifying nightmare - the sting of the giant scorpion.
- Taken from the Penguin Books website.

Runcible Jones: The Frozen Compass

(Previously called "Black Night, Red Dawning)
On a freezing night, Lord Shambles shatters the tower where the children are learning magic. Runcible, Miriam and their friends all run for their lives. All of Iltior now lies in the dreaded sorcerer's hands and, as soon as he steals the childrens' magic unique magic, he will attack Earth.
As they are hunted across Iltior, Runcible realises that there is only one way to stop their enemy. The children must sneak into his terrible fortress and there Runcible will have to take on Shambles, the greatest sorcerer in the world, all by himself.
- Taken from the Penguin Books website.

Runcible Jones: The Backwards Hourglass

After every defeat Lord Shambles returns stronger than before, and more determined to punish humanity. Having crushed resistance on Iltior, he now moves the war to Earth. An Earth which is on the verge of collapse.
Unfortunately, Earth's leaders refuse to believe that magic exists. Only Runcible Jones and his friends know that Shambles has caused all this havoc. Only Runcible can stop him. When he finally reaches Earth, he discovers that the whole world is against him.
Runcible Jones will need every bit of his courage and cunning to defend Earth.
And this time, someone close to him is going to die.
- Taken from the Penguin Books website.


Runcible Jones