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Official Sites/Publishers

Ian's official site! Lots of info about Ian himself, as well as some interesting first-idea drawings.

Ian's Facebook Page with frequent updates from Ian himself as well as various competitions.

The Fictional Ian Irvine, Ian's blog about himself and his books.

The Business of Writing, Ian's blog about...the business of writing.

Ian's Twitter Page which is mostly just updates of everything happening on his facebook and blogs.

Ian's YouTube page, where you can find the various book trailers that have been done.

Penguin's Official Runcible Jones site.

Orbit Books, the publisher of the Three Worlds books in the UK. I like these people since they sent me a free watch when I ordered Geomancer. Also got a signed copy of Tetrarch from them.

Penguin Books, the publisher of the Three Worlds books in Aus.

Fan Sites

"A View from the Mirror" is a Livejournal community for fans of Ian Irvine.

Santhenar, a site with general info on the Three Worlds. No longer updated.

Yahoo Groups

Ian Irvine a place to discuss Ian Irvine's works.

Ian Irvine2...another place to discuss Ian Irvine's works.

Ian Irvine Three Worlds a place to discuss Ian Irvine's works, including - but not limited to - the Three Worlds series.

VftM RPG, I have absolutely no idea what happens in this RPG other than that it is set in and around the View from the Mirror series.

Chanthed RPG, this RPG is set in the College of Histories at Chanthed.

Other Authors Need I say more?

The One Ring.Net, one of the best Tolkien sites out there.

Neil Gaiman's official site. Fantastic fantasy author, and creator of the Sandman graphic novels.

Chris Wooding's official site. Chris Wooding is a British author who, until recently, mostly wrote Young Adult stories. He has recently published an adult series as well. All of them are great.

George R. R. Martin's official site. A Song of Ice and Fire - like WoT (Waste of Time), only better.


SF Bookcase, a site with practically every sci fi/fantasy book written listed.