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Site Info

Here is where I'll put all those little bits of information about the site you're just dying to know. Go here for all the previous updates to the site.

'Triune' in its current lay out is the third lay out for the site, and the second name. The original site had the glyphs from the book covers down the left hand side and had a purple background. I wasn't very happy with the colour of that, and felt that it wasn't very easy to navigate, so I made the second version not long after. To see what the old site looked like (because you know you want to) click here.

I was very happy with the lay out of V.2 and thought it looked pretty cool as well, so that stayed for over six months. I encountered my first problem with it when trying to view it on a smaller screen (my home one was huge) and found you needed a horizontal scroll bar to see it all. Try as I might, I could not rid the site of this bar. And I was getting bored of the old site anyway. And so, after learning how to do a few more things in HTML, I set out to make this site.

The Name

'Triune', as I'm sure you all know, comes from the Three Worlds series and is the name given to someone who has the blood of three of the four races running through their veins. I decided the site needed a new name when I felt that "The Three Worlds of Ian Irvine" was just a tad too long, and I was also branching out into Ian's other books. The only other name I seriously considered was "The Void" (some rejected names are "Nigah" and "Love is Folly, How Many Books Will it Take For Them to Learn Through Their Histories: The Tale of a Misanthropic Nihilistic Angry Angry Lonely Lonely Chronicler") but I finally decided on Triune after asking some other people's opinions and realising that the uncanny number of three's involved in the site was too odd to be coincidence.

Odds and Ends

Just thought I'd mention that, as far as I can tell, 'The Three Worlds of Ian Irvine' was the first Ian Irvine site on the net. Other than Ian's official site (which, by my reckoning, is the fourth) there are two others currently online.


Once again, if you want to contact me you can e-mail me at shikataganai ( at ) gmail (dot) com.