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10th December, 2011
Another year, another update. This year we've have the last two Grim and Grimmer books released in Australia as well as the first Tainted Realms book that came out just last month, although we Brits and the Americans will have to wait until next year for it. The second in that series should be expected late next year, and the third to follow, after which Ian might finally get around to the Fate of the Children (!). The View from the Mirror is now also available aas an audiobook, on CD or as a digital download. It is complete and unabridged so it will last you a good 90 hours.

There's been a fair amount of other news though. Ian has recently taken to social networking. His websites is seeing fairly regular updates, he's running two blogs, he's got a Twitter account and he's posting regularly on his Facebook page.

The blogs are The Business of Writing and The Fictional Ian Irvine, with the former being about the getting published side of writing, and the latter being about his books. Check them out and you might even see a blog post by yours truly! Exciting, I know.

The Facebook Page is going strong, with lots of posts by Ian with new info on his book releases, as well as a fantastic "500 books in 300 days" give-away competition. Definitely make sure to check it out. The Twitter Page mostly seems to be all the updates from the other three.

There's another give-away competition being held at Ian's Goodreads page, with some copies of his latest book, Vengeance, to be won.

Finally, something might have killed the forums again. I will be attempting to ressurect it, but if you come back to find something different looking, you'll know I've had to start over.

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Aus: Vengeance, November 11
UK/US:Vengeance, April 2012

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2012: Tainted Realm books 2 & 3, Rebellion and Justice
2013: Three Worlds continuation, The Fate of the Children

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