Three Worlds

Human Rites

Runcible Jones





Human Rites

This is your world in 2010!

MEDIBET, the ultimate game show. The world bets on the outcome of your loved one’s life-or-death operation, live. If they wager enough, the operation is free. Of course, there’s a catch …
HOUSENET. The wired household is supposed to offer perfect security, but burglars are computer literate too. They simply hack in and order your front door to open.
CROP WARFARE. Commerce, 21st Century style. Infect your competitor’s crops, then make a fortune on the futures market. Coffee is now $900 a kilo.
DISASTER FORECASTING is designed to save lives. But advance knowledge of coming disasters is worth billions, in the wrong hands.
THE DEATH LOTTERY. Feeling guilty about the desperate state of the environment? Then do something about it! Enter the Death Lottery today.
ORGOLE, THE BIG OH! The orgasm pill has made men redundant. But there’s one little problem …

The Last Albatross

The Last Albatross is an eco-thriller set in a world gone wrong, where your life is controlled by the Net and environmental terrorists wage war against society where it hurts most — in the shopping centres. Into this world stalks an embittered man with a secret that can bring civilisation down.

Thus far, The Last Albatross is the only one of the Human Rites trilogy released in the UK.

Terminator Gene
A knock at the door and Irith’s life is changed forever.
Her mother, Jemma, has been imprisoned for an unspecified crime. Her home and possessions confiscated, Irith is cast out into a hostile world where a permit is required for everything, and Security won’t give her one.
Picked up by the mysterious Bragg, Irith is taken to a Britain collapsing under the sanctions of the Global Congress. She is hurled into a violent battle between Security and a mysterious cabal trying to break into a Congress data centre. They steal a file about a deadly terminator gene virus but no one can decipher it.
The group are hunted through the flooded tunnels under the London Docklands, to the highlands of Minnesota, then to a New Orleans slowly drowning under the rising seas. As the hurricane of the century bears down on the sinking city, Irith struggles to crack the secret of the terminator gene, and destroy it, before it wipes out all humanity.

The Life Lottery
The Life Lottery is the third of this trilogy. This novel will deals with humanity’s desperate attempts to prevent the coming Ice Age that will wipe out 90% of people on Earth, opposed by those who stand to benefit from the global catastrophe and will do everything in their power to ensure it occurs.

Human Rites