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Here are the histories of Santhenar, Aachan, and Tallallame. If you haven't read at least the View from the Mirror books I would not suggest reading this, as many of the key secrets from the books are revealed here. Mmmm, spoilery-goodness.

At the end of A Shadow on the Glass Llian finds some letters with dates on them. These dates are the only dates of past events I could find in the books. Because there are very few dates that come before the Charon conquest of Aachan, I shall use their calendar. From this we can work out that Kandor was killed in the year of 4201, the Forbidding was created in 2109, and the day of the Great Conclave is Galend 22 5207.

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Santhenar - a map
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Santhenar is the most similar of the three worlds to good old Terra Firma. Ian Irvine says some of the more notable differences are "the year is longer (396 days), the axial tilt is a little greater which makes the seasons more pronounced, the mountains are much bigger, and the moon has a longer period and doesn't have captured rotation ( -perhaps an indication that it is younger than the Earth's moon, since in time all moons have captured roations?- ), so that the other side, which is darker and more ominous, is also seen."

I believe that in the beginning all human species originated on Santhenar (the main residents being called "Old Human" is a clue here). For some reason, they got seperated onto the different worlds, and then evolved into the Aachim, Faellem, and Charon. How, why, when, who, or what - god knows. Yes, Ian Irvine IS a god. Anyway, in the thousands (possibly millions) of years that passed, they forgot where they came from. They even forgot there were others out there. All this, however, is merely speculation. The rest is based purely on what has been mentioned in the books.

The first thing that we can be certain of is Shuthdar being summoned by Rulke to Aachan. We don't know how long it took Shuthdar to make the flute, but the next major thing in the history of Santhenar is Shuthdar breaking the Way Between the Worlds and fleeing to Santhenar. Then all round Santhenar. Rulke also comes and brings with him a number of Aachim as slaves, to try and regain his stolen flute. Kandor accompanies Rulke but instead of running around chasing an old guy with a flute he decides to conquer this new world that is his for the taking. Realising that controling the Sea of Perion would give him power over the people, he builds his great fortress Katazza on the island of the same name and sets about building an army and an empire. Some Aachim, with Tensor at the head, come to Santhenar of their own will. The Faellem realise that their world is in danger and also send a group to Santh, led by Faelamor. Last of all, Yalkara the Charon decides there's something fishy about the Faellem and pleads to be sent to Santhenar herself.

Eventually, Shuthdar gets tired of being on the run (and who wouldn't after five hundred years). His enemies have him surrounded and he has not the will to flee using the flute. He comes upon a tower and storms inside, disrupting a family, and climbs to the top of the tower where he finds a crippled girl, barely able to walk with her legs like clubs. Shuthdar pities the girl, and grants her wish that she could dance, just once. Shuthdar climbs onto the wall, a long drop into a lake behind him and a view of his enemies in front of him. He takes a bracelet, scratches the girls name on it, and bids that she wear it. Finally, Shuthdar blows a note on the flute and is sent flying backwards, falling to his death. Although the tower lies in ruins, the girl is unharmed, as Shuthdar placed a protection on the bracelet he gave her. Touched by this last act of kindness she writes her tale on a piece of parchment.

Unknown to everyone, the flute a opened a gate into the void, a place where only the strongest survive. The creatures from the void see Santhenar as an all-you-can-eat buffet. Yalkara had dared to enter the tower before anyone else, and she worked the Forbidding, sealing off the three worlds from the void and from each other. She also finds the remains of the flute, a puddle of melted gold on the floor. She forms it into jewellery to disguise it from everyone else, knowing they would use it in more sinister and dangerous ways. Then, to protect her secret, she kills the girl who had survived the destruction of the flute. Yalkara then fled the tower.

After that, events get a little jumbled. The Aachan build their greatest city, Tar Gaarn. The Faellem wander off somewhere, all except Faelamor, who decides to pick Yalkara as her arch nemesis. Kandor builds an empire, everybody unites against him, an earthquake cuts the Sea of Perion off from the rest of the ocean, so it dries up. Rulke amasses an empire and gets Pitlis, the Aachim designer of Tar Gaarn, to build him a great city called Alcifer, which also happens to be a construct. Rulke betrays Pitlis, as he has gottten to know his mind so well he now knows where Tar Gaarn's hidden defences are, so Rulke conquers that. Yalkara decides to build an impenetrable fortress above the Havissard gold mines in Tar Gaarn, to serve as a reminder to the Aachim. Rulke then tries to make Alcifer break the Forbidding, but Pitlis had made slight changes all along to spite Rulke.

Kandor, at this point, is desperate to find out who has the remains of the flute. He begs for Rulke (whom he suspects) and Yalkara to meet with him, but both of them refuse. Feeling betrayed he tells the Council how to trap Rulke. The Council seize this once-in-a-lifetime chance and form a plan to imprison Rulke in the Nightland. Mendark (the recently appointed Magister) knows that even using the forbidden Proscribed Experiments, Rulke is too strong for them. Seeing his only chance, he deliberately makes the Experiments to fail at a key point and then forces Rulke's mind into Yggur's. Mendark then uses this distraction to finally get Rulke into the Nightland. Of course, it just wouldn't do if the world found out about Mendark did, so he kills off the rest of the Council (all save Tensor) and destroys every piece of text that might incriminate him. Unknown to Mendark, Yggur did not die when Rulke's mind was forced into his, but he did go mad and wander around like an animal for a few hundred years.

Yalkara, in the mean time, meets Gyllias and falls in love. Faelamor and Yalkara do battle in which both suffer incredible injuries, and Faelamor would most likely have killed Yalkara had she known Yalkara was pregnant. But as it was, Faelamor appeared to be defeated and fled the scene. It was a big bluff on Yalkara's part though, because her injuries were severe. She returned to the saftey of Havissard and gave birth to her daughter, Aeolior. Unfortunately the only people who could save Yalkara's life were on Aachan, so she abandons her daughter, Gyllias, and Santhenar and using a flaw she deliberately made in the Forbidding, flees to Aachan. She leaves behind the Mirror of Aachan which contains instructions on how to restore the balance to the Three Worlds, but the mirror will only show true to Aeolior, and only when she is wearing Yalkara's gold jewellery. Faelamor later learns of Aeolior and hatches a plot to send her own peaple home, so she kidnaps Aeolior from Gyllias' care and brings her up among the Faellem. When Aeolior is of age, she forces her to mate with Faelamor's own son until they produce a child. Aeolior, disgusted with Faelamor, herself, and life in general murders her mate and then suicides. Faelamor takes the child, calls her Maigraith, and teaches her eveything she knows.

Yggur wakes up after a hundred years or so of mindless wandering, restarts his life as a wandering man, as opposed to a wandering animal, until he hears the lies Mendark has been spreading about the defeat of Rulke. Not impressed, Yggur starts to build his own army so he can get his revenge.

After another few hundred years, we join our heroes, Llian and Karan, on their epic adventure to take the mirror to it's rightful owner, whoever that may be. After a lot of journeying, being knocked unconcious, and dragged to places they would rather not visit, they end up in Katazza to visit Rulke being set free. Then, for some odd reason, they jump into the gate that takes them to the Nightland.

Rulke lets them go, theres more running around trying to find out what to do, more failed attempts at defeating Rulke, and more people being evil to Llian. I mean, poor, defenseless little Llian? That's just bullying! Alas, I digress. Moving on.

Rulke builds another construct, and hopes to use it to open the way to Aachan and bring all the Charon through. Which, to a certain extent, he does. Well, ten of them anyway. Unfortunately for the whole of the Charon race, those ten are killed by a Thranx that escapes. Why so unfortunate for the Charon you ask? Well, those ten Charon were the only fertile ones left, so bye bye Charon race. Maigraith goes through to Aachan, and restores the balance between the Three Worlds. Rulke gets killed by Tensor, and Mendark is killed by another Thranx. Maigraith returns to Santhenar after a half a year, pregnant with Rulkes baby. Karan also finds out she is pregnant, and they all live happily ever after in Gothryme.

Unfortunately, some Lyrinx escaped through the hole in the forbidding, and they run about, causing havoc, and a one hundred and fifty year long war.

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The Well of Echoes

There is a gap of one hundred and fifty years from when the VftM finished to the WOE beginning. We find out that despite the best efforts fo the humans on Santhenar, the Lyrinx are still a big problem. They are stronger, faster, and have better defences than us poor wee humans. Oh, and most of them can fly. Early on in the war it was realised that despite superior numbers, humans could never beat the Lyrinx on their own. Fortunately, help was at hand, and someone invented the 'Clankers' - big honkin' armadillo-like machines that need crystal's controlled by the Clanker Operator to work. Clanker's can carry up to ten men, and they have one man on top who fires missiles at any Lyrinx. These are very useful in the war, but take months to make.

Turns out the society has kind of regressed again, as it's 'men go to battle, women go to breeding factory'. I thought one of the best parts about the original four was that it was equal oportunities, women work along side men. I think however that the regression would actually happen, so all is forgiven.

Another interesting point is the fromation of the 'Scrutator's' and how they've abolished all that was established about the histories in VftM and Llian has been completely discredited. He never seems to get a break, never mind a Kit Kat.

Anyway, with this new system in place, they're at least holding their own against the Lyrinx.

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So says Ian - "Aachan is a small, cool globe with a longer day but a much shorter year, a place of dark, oily bogs, luminous flowers, icy rifts and jagged volcanic ranges." Sounds like fun.

The first big thing in the history of Aachan is when one of their astronomers used a construct to look out into the void, allowing the merest thread to trace back to Aachan. The Charon saw this as their only chance of survival and they lept through it, and The Hundred that had survived the countless years since being banished from their home world now arrived at Aachan. Rulke, in a never-before-or-after-seen-display-of-animal-like-lust-for-bloodshed, decided to murder a family of Aachim. One of them - Elienor - managed to stick a knife in his chest and escape, thinking him dead.

Rulke did not give up easily however, and made his way to where the other Charon had been captured after they lost their element of surprise due to Rulke. They were on trial, and would soon be executed, so Rulke climbed onto the roof and dropped down beside the two leaders of the Aachim, holding knives to their throats. All this with a deep bleeding gash in his chest, suffering from severe blood loss. I've said it before and I'll say it again. What a guy.

The Aachim would not sacrifice their leaders, and so the Charon came to be Lords of Aachan.

We next take up the tale with Shuthdar being summoned to Aachan by Rulke. Rulke wanted the Charon to be able to move freely between the three worlds, so they could have them all (ok, he's a great guy, but I'll admit he is just a tad greedy). After years (probably) of work with help from some of the Aachim, e.g. Tensor, Shuthdar completed his beautiful flute but could not bear to see another play it, so he ran away to Santhenar. Rulke and some Aachim slaves followed, and Kandor, and some Aachim of their own free will, led by Tensor, and finally Yalkara, sent to keep an eye on the Faellem.

There is a long dark spell of unknown happenings in Aachan, after the forbidding has been created, as those there have no way of knowing whats happening. Yalkara comes, at last, bringing the news of what happened.

Then theres another long spell, but we know this one is under a thousand years (because Rulke didn't know Yalkara had left and he had been in the Nightland for a thousand years.) Then Rulke opens the WBW (Way Between the Worlds) and they have a quick gossip, catch up on their favourite TV program (Fluffy the Carcharot Slayer is particularly well liked) and arrange plans for transporting all the Charon to Santhenar. The Charon never flourished well on Aachan, and only ten of them remain fertile.

Rulke has to close the gate, but he opens it again only a few months later and tells them to start sending through the Charon. In an act of stupidity not often seen in the Charon, akin to putting all your eggs in one basket, or all your boats in one harbour, they send through the fertile Charon first. Maigraith arrives with Rulke's construct and they find out the other ten died. Maigraith restores the balance between the worlds, then the Charon slump into the deep depression usually seen when you find out your race is now officially extinct. They build a device to open a gate to Santhenar and send Maigraith home before sending themselves into the void.

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"Tallallame is an elysian world of mountain and forest whose inhabitants, the Faellem, are an ancient civilisation who live in harmony with nature. Arrogant in their superiority, they believe that the rest of the universe is but an illusion made by themselves." We gotta get them some shrinks.

Though Tallallame is probably the world we know least about, it's history begins long before the others. In the books we always know the Faellem come from Tallallame, but what is not disclosed until the very end of the View From the Mirror is that there was another race, the Mariem, who also lived there. While the Faellem were one with nature the Mariem cared little for such things, and were masters of the machines, of the constructs. The Faellem saw that their world of trees was being taken from them, though the Mariem's actions were not of malice but thoughtlessnes. The Faellem could not stand to see their beautiful trees cut down, so the plotted and arranged for the Mariem to be sent through a gate telling them it was to their own world but really leading them into the void. The whole Mariem species was sent to the void, and then the Faellem swore never to use constructs again.

Though it is unclear what went on in Tallame at any given point, we can assume that when the Way Between the Worlds was broken open, and the Faellem heard about how the Charon came to Aachan, they must have been afraid that the Charon would seek vengence for the genocide (who wouldn't). They sent some Faellem, with Faelamor as their leader, to find the flute and destroy it, returning the balance and keeping them safe.

The next thing the Faellem know, the void is being emptied into Tallallame. Faelamor tried to send it to Aachan, and thought she had succeeded, but the twisted mirror had shown her the wrong world. I like that mirror. When Faelamor led most of the Faellem that had come to Santhenar back through to Tallallame, they realised the mistake they had made, and not being to live knowing they had killed most of their own race, so like some religious cult they committed suicide en masse. Told ya they needed shrinks.

Geomancer tells you absolutely nothing about Tallallame, so this is it for now.

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