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Fantastica - Sorcerer's Tower

Fantastica seems to be a large series of books written by various authors, who all contribute four short linked stories, of about 10,000 words each and aimed at 8 to 11 year olds. The first quartet of books by Kim Wilkins should already be available, a second quartet by Fiona McIntosh is coming soon, and Ian's series will be starting over the next couple of months. The series as a whole is called the Sorcerer's Tower, with indiviual titles "Thorn Castle", "Gaint's Lair", "Black Crypt", and "Wizardry Crag". The books will be illustrated in black and white.

Thorn Castle

The orphan Tamly and his best friend Kym are as different as fire and snow. Kym has magic coming out of her fingers, and Tamly has none at all. When their village is threatened by bad magic this unlikely pair will need to use their combined talents to steal the Book of Spells from the evil sorcerer Lord Harshax.

Giant's Lair

Evil does not die. It merely sleeps - awakening when we least expect it.
Meadowhythe is again in danger - evil magical forces are growing stronger every day. Giant's, flesh-eating birds and powerful sorcerers lie in wait for Tamly and his friends - and this time they may not win.

Black Crypt

Meadowhythe has lost its magic, but Kym has a plan to get it back. She and her friends Mel and Tamly must creep into the heart of the mountain, then down a crevasse deep enough to swallow them forever, to the crypt where Shardax the sorcerer buried his enemies. They had better not be afraid of dead things though....

Wizardry Crag

Tamly's Birth Foretelling said he would be a danger to magic, and it seems to be true. The sorcerer brothers Harshax and Krushax are hunting him down - but for what terrible purpose? It will take all Tamly's courage to face his enemies and thwart their evil plan.  



Novellas and Future Works


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