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Characters - Three Worlds

This is, and I fear, forever will be, work in progress. The majority of it is taken from the backs of the books, but I am adding to it gradually. You will find listed here most of the characters met in the books, and anyone of importance who is merely mentioned. I haven't the faintest idea why anyone would need this list (other than for twenty-questions on the forums), but there you go. It should be complete for View from the Mirror, but currently only the names listed at the back of Geomancer for WoE.

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SotG - A Shadow on the Glass
TotR - Tower on the Rift
DitM - Dark is the Moon
WBtW - The Way Between the Worlds
VftM - The View from the Mirror


AeoliorAh, now that would be telling *grins*.Mentioned only.
AlyzLlian's younger sister.Mentioned only.
Arinda bel GorstA smuggler and pirate.DitM.
AsperAn Aachim healer, one of Tensor's company.SotG, TotR, DitM.
AsrailUlice's daughter.TotR.
BasiaA nurse in Thurkad.TotR.
BasitorA bitter Aachim who survived the sacking of Shazmack. Accompanies Tensor to Katazza. Part of the Llian Whumping Association (TM).TotR, DitM.
BasunezOne of Karan's mad ancestors who built Carcharon and carried out forbidden experiments there.DitM (in ghost form).
BenieA cook's boy at Gothryme.TotR, DitM, WbtW.
BennOn the crew of a fishing boat. Brother of Fenn.TotR.
BindyA messenger boy for Vanhe. Brutally murdered by Thyllan.DitM.
CallamLlian's older sister.Mentioned only.
CalliatA philosopher and mystic of ancient times. Set the Forty-Chrighms of Calliat, a series of linked enigmas and paradoxes. Mentioned only.
ChaikeA man in the service of Yggur.TotR.
ChertOne of the crew on the Dancing Goose.TotR.
ClufferA Telt.TotR.
CraceA maid in the Mayor's house in Ashmode.TotR.
CreenyA crazy man Llian speaks to in Narne.SotG.
DabysOne of Mendark's messengers.TotR.
Dacia bel RanceTallia's Aunt, and Deputy Governor of Bel Torrance.DitM.
DilmanA soldier in Yggur's first army.DitM.
DolodhaA timid messenger girl of Yggur.VftM.
DirhanCustoms officer in Sith.SotG.
ElienorA great heroine of the Aachim from the time when the Charon invaded Aachan. One of Karan's ancestors.Mentioned only.
EllamiA faellem woman, Hallal's sister.WBtW.
EmmantA half-Aachim librarian who concieved a violent lust for Karan and attacked her. Betrayed the Aachim, causing the downfall of Shazmak.SotG, TotR.
FaelamorLeader of the Faellem species who came to Santhenar soon after Rulke, to keep watch on the Charon and maintain the balance between the worlds. Bit of a grudge against Yalkara. Also slightly mad.VftM.
FennOn the crew of a fishing boat. Brother of Benn.TotR.
GalliadKaran's father who was half-Aachim. Was killed when Karan was a child.Mentioned only
GendOne of the Ghashad.SotG.
GistelFaelamor's underling in Sith.SotG.
Gwossel SnuA sargeant of Ashmode.TotR.
GylliasThe Recorder. Yalkara's hubby.VftM.
HallalOne of the Faellem. Long-time rival to Faelamor.DitM, WBtW.
HanaMaigraith's teacher when she was younger.Mentioned only.
HassienPender's wife.SotG.
HetlaThe best pilot in Taranta. Though bling from birth, her sensitive talent gives her even better sight.DitM.
I'soutOne of the Hlune elders.TotR.
IdlisFormerly weakest of the Whelm, was sent to hunt Karan and the Mirror. Also a healer.VftM
IennisOne of the Aachim.TotR.
JanceA young man who is Rulke's servant.WBtW.
JaphitA whelm.TotR.
JaredA soldier who speaks to Llian in Tullin.SotG
Jark-unLeader of a band of the Whelm (oh yeah, he's great on the guitar). Became a Ghashad.VftM.
Jevi (Jevander)Lilis' father, taken by a press gang and forced to work on an island. Has a bit of a thing for Tallia.DitM, WBtW.
KaranFull name Karan Elienor Melluselde Fyrn. She is a sensitive and also a Triune (Aachim on the fathers side and Faellem on the mothers). This gives her special powers which can be as much of a help as a hindrance. Got involved with the nasty business about the mirror.Main character in VftM books.
LilisA street urchin in Thurkad. Befriended by Llian, rescued by Tallia, and now apprencticed Nadiril. Founder of the Anti-Llian Whumping Association (TM).VftM
LlayisLlian's father.Mentioned only.
Llian of ChanthedA Zain from Jepperand, he is also a master chronicler and a teller. Has a curiosity for the histories that would kill a cat with ninety lives, let alone nine. Also has a certain charm about him that makes people pick on him. Got involved with the nasty business about the mirrorMain character in VftM books.
MaigraithAn orphan brought up and trained by Faelamor for some unknown purpose (likely being to take over the world). She is a master of the Secret Art, and has an interesting eye colour only available to Charon and those with coloured contact lenses. I wonder what that means...VftM.
MalienAn Aachim, also Rael's mother. Once consort of Tensors. Quite good leadership qualities, though bad taste in men. Or Aachim. Whatever.VftM.
MalkinThe leader of a group of merchants in Thurkad.TotR.
Master Chroniclers in ChanthedMasters Quendrtyh, Laarni, and Cherith.WBtW.
MayaTorgen's wife.SotG, DitM.
MendarkThe Magister for a thousand years (except at one point when another guy knocked him off his throne). Sponsored Llian at Chanthed, so Llian could write a Great Tale about him. Not that anyone would listen though.VftM.
NadirilThe head of the great library and a member of the council.TotR, DitM, WBtW.
NelissaPrime Just on the Council.SotG.
OsseionThe captain of Mendark's gaurd, a huge dark man.VftM.
Old SalA clerk in the pursers office at the college of Chanthed.A SotG.
P'seerolA fisherman in Ganport. Likes playing jokes on people.TotR.
PenderA masterly sailor who carried Llian and Karan from Narne to Sith, and later to Thurkad. After the conclave he helped Karan and Shand escape and subsequently was hired by MendarkVftM.
PitlisA great Aachim of the distant past, whose folly betrayed the great city of Tar Gaarn to Rulke and broke the power of the Aachim. The architect who built Tar Gaarn and Alcifer, and was slain by Rulke.Mentioned only.
PraideOne of Gwossel Snu's constables.TotR.
QuissanA Ghashad.TotR.
QweltOne of three people to attack Karan in the city of Preddle. The others were his mother and his brother.SotG
RachisKaran's steward at Gothryme manor.SotG, DitM, WBtW.
RebbanA Ghashad.TotR, DitM.
RalahThe Autand of the academy in Saludith.WBtW.
RulaThe magister before Mendark. She is ragarded as the greatest of all.Mentioned only.
RulkeA Charon of Aachan. He enticed Shuthdar to Aachan to make the golden flute. After the Clysm he was imprisoned in the Nightland. Tensor then accidently helped him to escape, so he once again tried to open WBtW.VftM.
RustibleOne of the crew on the Waif.TotR, DitM.
S'CourcyHead honcho of Thurkad's criminal underworld.TotR.
SelialLeader of the Syndics in Shazmak.SotG, TotR, DitM.
ShalahA young Aachim woman, Xarah's twin.TotR, DitM.
ShandA friend of Karan's late father, Shand rescued Karan after the conclave, smuggled her out of Thurkad, and accompanied her on a trek all the way to Katazza in the middle of the Dry Sea.VftM.
ShuthdarAn old human of Santhenar, the maker of the golden flute. After destroying the flute and himself, the Forbidding came down, closing WBtW.Mentioned only.
Tallia bel SoonMendark's chief lieutenant. She is a mancer and a master of combat both with and without wepons. Comes from Crandor. Has a bit of a thing for Jevi.VftM.
TarlagA Ghashad guard Llian knocks out outside of Narne.SotG.
Special mention:-Telliuliolelillallamammamor. How much does this name rock? (Faelamor used this as an alias).TotR.
TessarielAlso knwon as Tess. Captain of a fishing boat.TotR, DitM.
TensorLeader of the Aachim. He saw it as his destiny to finally restore the Aachim and take revenge on Rulke, who betrayed and ruined them. Proud to the point of folly, and a bit of a nutcase.VftM.
ThandiweA student at the College of Chanthed and a 'friend' of Llian's.SotG, DitM, WBtW.
ThasselA Ghashad.TotR.
ThelA very talented Aachim engineer.TotR.
ThyllanWarlord of Iagador and member of the council. Shoved Mendark off the throne for a while, but was humiliated by Maigraith in single combat.SotG, TotR, DitM.
TorgenLandlord of the inn in Tullin.SotG, DitM.
TorgstedOne of Mendark's gaurd, a cheerful, reliable fellow.SotG, DitM.
TruleOne of the Aachim.TotR.
TruscoCaptian of the guards at the college of Chanthed.SotG.
TurlewWistan's right hand man.SotG, DitM.
TwillimA little girl who works as a water carrier for Bel Gorst.DitM.
UliceAn old contact of Shand's in Thurkad.TotR.
VanheFormerly one of Yggur's mid-ranking officers, was forced to take command after all of Yggur's generals were killed.DitM, WbtW.
VartilaThe leader of the band of Whelm. She remained Whelm and served Yggur while most of her people reverted to Ghashad.VftM.
Vuula FyrnKaran's mother, a lyrist. She committed suicide soon after Karan's father, Galliad, was killed.Mentioned only.
WistanThe seventy-fourth Master of the College of Histories and of Chanthed.The View fromt he Mirror.
XarahA young Aachim woman, twin of Shalah.TotR, DitM.
YalkaraThe last of the three Charon who came to Santhenar. She took the Mirror and used it to find a warp in the Forbidding and fled Santh, leaving the Mirror behind.WbtW
YetchahA young Whelm woman who hunted Llian from Chanthed to Tullin. She became Ghashad and harbours a hopeless passion for Rulke.VftM.
YggurA great and powerful mancer and sworn enemy of Mendark.Yggur hates and fears Rulke from the time Rulke possessed him before he was imprisoned in the Nightland.VftM.
WalfKaran and Maigraith's guide to Fiz Gorgo.SotG.
ZarethA Hlune in the service of Yggur.TotR.
ZophyLlian's mother.Mentioned only.

The Well of Echoes

AspleA battle scarred sargeant and hero of the wars with the Lyrinx.Geomancer.
BarkusDeceased master crafter of controllers at the manufactory, uncle of Irisis.Mentioned only.
BesantA lyrinx matriarch (Wise Mother). She is a master of the Art, especially in relation to flying.Geomancer.
CoelandMatriarch (Wise Mother) of the lyrinx in Kalissin.Geomancer.
Cryl-Nish HlarA former scribe, a prober in secret and a reluctant artificer, generally known as Nish (pipsqueak). I prefer to call him Squirt myself.Geomancer.
Eiryn MussHalfwit; an air-moss grower and harmless pervert.Geomancer.
Fistila TyrA pregnant artificer in the manufactory.Geomancer.
FlammasA mancer. Ullii spent years in his dungeon.Geomancer.
FluuniOlder sister of Jiini; Haani's aunt.Geomancer.
FlynAn irascible miner.Geomancer.
Fyn-MahThe querist at Tiksi. The chief of the muncipal intelligence bureau.Geomancer.
Gi-HadOverseer of the manufactory.Geomancer.
GolA lazy sweeper boy.Geomancer.
GrysteAn angry foreman at the manufactory. He has a nigah habit.Geomancer.
HaaniA girl of 8 living near lake Kalissin with her mother and aunts.Geomancer.
Irisis StirmA senior artisan at the manufactory; niece of Barkus.Geomancer.
Jal-Nish HlarThe perquisitor (provincial inquisitor) of Einunar; Nish's father.Geomancer.
JiiniHaani's mother.Geomancer.
Joeyn (Joe)An old miner, adept at finding crystal. Tiaan's friend.Geomancer.
Ky-AraAn overly emotional clanker operator.Geomancer.
LexThe day guard at the crystal mine.Geomancer.
LiettA lyrinx with unarmoured skin and no chameleon ability; a talented flesh-former.Geomancer.
LuxorA conciliatory Aachim clan leader.Geomancer.
LyssaJiini's younger sister, Haani's aunt.Geomancer.
MarnieTiaan's mother, a prize breeder of children.Geomancer.
MatronThe woman in charge of the breeding factory at Tiksi.Geomancer.
MinisA young Aachim man of high stature; foster-son of Vithis. Tiaan's dream lover. Quite literally.Geomancer.
M'lainteThe renowned mechanician; in charge of balloon contrsuction.Geomancer.
Mul-LymThe apothek at the manufactory.Geomancer.
MyssuA legendary, bare-breasted heroine of revolutionary times.Geomancer.
NodThe doorman at the manufactory.Geomancer.
(The) NylatlA viscious and malicious creature created by Ryll and Liett's flesh-forming.Geomancer.
Pur-DidThe shooter on Ky-Ara's clanker.Geomancer.
RahndThe shooter on Simmo's clanker.Geomancer.
Ranii MhelAn examiner; formidable mother of Nish.Geomancer.
RustinaA red-haired sargeant. An expert climber with a profound hatred of the lyrinx.Geomancer.
RuziaThe old, blind healer at the manufactory.Geomancer.
RyllAn ostracised wingless lyrinx; a talented flesh-former. Chased/carried Tiaan all the way to Kalissin.Geomancer.
SimmoA clanker operator.Geomancer.
S'loundA soldier who travels with Nish in the baloon.Geomancer.
Tiaan Liise-MarA young artisan; a visual thinker and talented controller-maker. Main character. Bit of a whiner.Geomancer.
TiriorAn Aachim clan leader.Geomancer.
Tul-KinThe healer at the manufactory; a drunk.Geomancer.
TunizA senior artificer at the manufactory.Geomancer.
UlliiA seeker so hypersensitive that she is unable to go outside, or among people. For some odd reason she likes the way Nish smells.Geomancer.
VithisMinis's foster-father; an Aachim fron Aachan. The head of Inthis First Clan.Geomancer.
Xervish FlyddThe scrutator (spymaster and master inquisitor) for Einunar.Geomancer.


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